Adrian Bracisiewicz

1st year in Art Education Major

Diptych 19b & 24b
digital photography
8.6” x 18”

These diptychs are part of a series made from a selection of photographs taken while traveling in Poland, Germany and Croatia. These photographs are based on various associations and ideas, while the pairing of the two images are based on formal aspects such as composition, color, shapes or lines. In Diptych 24b, the shape of the door finds accord with the shape of the dryer filled with pots and pans. The colours also serve to harmonize the two images. In Diptych 19b, the juxtaposition is based on the idea of opposition or similarity, where the live pigeons, especially the one in flight, clash with the remains of the dead pigeon on asphalt.  The spread out wings seem to have been stopped in full flight.