Alexe Harnois_Transformations

Alexe Harnois

4th Year, Art Education Major

digital drawing
2 panels each 8.5” x 11”

Transformations is a reflective investigation of the transformative capacities of community-based art initiatives. As key members to these contexts, art educators play a fundamental role in forming and shaping communities. Art educators thus have the potential to initiate positive change and promote constructive evolution in today’s society.Consisting of two panels, Transformations duplicates and reflects a single image to accentuate the importance of different views and interpretations. Using line and pattern, this work compares the nature of communities to the art of weaving. It is through the combination of intricate and interconnected elements that these contexts are formed. To bring life to the pattern, a hand is depicted pulling at segment of the weaving, altering its previous state and transforming the rigid structure of the line.