Allison Brown
4th year, Major in Film Animation

The Inbetween
Duration: 2:23
Digital 2D Animation 2048 x 1080
Music arranged by Nenad Mićanović

Artist Statement:

The Inbetween is an animated short illustrating the point in a young adult’s life where they accept that they have outgrown their childhood home. Not that they can never return, only that it will never be the same as when they were small. In the film, a girl outgrows her home and leaves for a new one where she might fit. Upon arriving, she realizes she may have some more growing to do before this new home suits her.

The idea for this film arose at a time when I was feeling an inexplicable sense of loneliness and confusion about my future and a homesick nostalgia for my childhood. I didn’t want to move back to my hometown; it felt so different now, from when I was a teenager. And I didn’t want to be in Montréal in my apartment because I didn’t feel like I was old enough or “ready” to be taking care of myself completely. I wanted to either go back in time, or fast forward to a future where I would be and feel more secure.

The Inbetween is for those who leave their childhood home feeling larger than life, to pursue an ambition, or simply for a change of scenery. I expect the audience to reflect on their personal intermediary stages, as well as their experience of leaving home and returning back for the first time after being out on their own. This is all to say, I think we’re all a bunch of little giants just trying our best to grow and figure it out.