ana teodorescu - god please help me - issue 13

Ana Teodorescu

5th year, Studio Arts

God please help me

40 x 40 inches

acrylic on canvas



This painting represents the cyclic challenges one experiences through life and proposes some solutions. In the center, a character shows a Tai Chi movement that looks like flying, representing harmony and peace. The one on her left is struggling through the process, but experiences different states of emotions, good and bad. Near the left edge, a rower rows against an impossible vertical river and encourages one to enjoy life as crazy as it seems. Above him, two people are carrying a boat as a reminder that help is available and one should ask for it. On the right side of the painting is a ballet scene, which symbolizes grace and kindness as a means to appreciate life.  At the top we can see a flying dove, symbol of The Holy Spirit, Who illuminates our true potential, telling us to keep the faith and move forward through the cycles.