Cassandra Richard Trudel_Perceptions

Cassandra Richard Trudel

4th Year, Art Education Major

Acrylic paint on canvas
4′ x 5.5′

Perceptions is a painting depicting my interpretation of the conscious and the subconscious minds. Vibrant colours make this painting playful, the black contour brings mystery to the subject. My artwork has been influenced by my teaching practice in the community to the extent that I now use pattern more often in my own work. Patterns are a useful tool in my workshops. I find repetitive shapes, and activities such as zentangles, an accessible way to make art for those who think they cannot draw or paint. The use of motifs and narratives are recurrent themes in my art. In this painting, motifs are a way to represent different thoughts and emotions communicated by one’s subconscious.  With Perceptions, I hope to create an opportunity for viewers to be challenged by my work. My aim is to have the audience engage with my piece as a problem to solve through their own interpretations of each component.

Take a moment to look at every component, and use your imagination to create your own playful narrative.

**Original image of work currently unavailable**