cat Lipiec - this dude is everywhere - issue 13

Cat Lipiec

2nd year, Ceramics

This Dude is Everywhere

dimensions variable

fibres (tissue paper, clear tape, string)



This Dude is Everywhere aims to bring people together through smiles, laughter, and even confusion. When we live in a world filled with poverty, inequality, climate change, and so much more, it’s no wonder so many of us struggle with our mental health. The goal of this piece is to make people smile. These wildly colourful wearables have a magical effect on those that encounter them. I occasionally strut the streets of Montreal in the suits to see how people react to something random and unobtrusive interrupting their everyday lives. Made from party supplies, the suits bring people together through these encounters. In November 2022, I invited a group of people to take part in a parade with 16 smaller pieces they could choose from and put on however they pleased. Together we embarked through the Concordia tunnels and library, and everyone who participated commented that it was exactly what they and their exam-ridden classmates needed; a spark of hope and laughter in the community.