Chloe Lalonde Self Portraits

Chloe Lalonde

Second year, Art Education and Anthropology (double major)

Untitled/Collection of self-portraits



Artist Statement:

This on-going collection of intimate self-portraits have been my way of coming to terms with, defining, and learning to love myself. Each portrait is visually and stylistically different, and some look nothing like me. The only truly static element is my fiery hair and brown eyes. This body-dysmorphia is altered by my mood, which varies from day-to-day, dependent on so many factors, including the weather or the food I eat. Trying to remember what I look like, I choose to work with mixed media, capturing myself at my softest, darkest, most relaxed, anxious and natural states. Once ashamed of these drawings, I now include them in my body of work. These vulnerable drawings guide me on my journey to self-love, learning to accept myself as a dynamic, ever changing beautiful being. They hone in on the changing states and shapes of my body, curves of my nose and cheeks, vibrancy of my hair and wandering mind. I am all of these and I am more. I am more than my hair and body, but those drawings haven’t been completed yet.