Gabisha Giritharan

Gabisha Giritharan

4th Year, Art Education, Specialization

Oil on Canvas
48” x 40”

Art holds the power to reveal stories and create dialogue. This painting is part of a series focused on a 26-year civil war that took place in northern Sri Lanka. The paintings intend is to reveal the loss of the people affected, not only by the loss of family and friends but also the loss of their homes, rights and privileges. Consequently, the paintings are meant to serve as a method of awareness, in order to connect viewers to the various effects of the civil war.

The images create a narrative to inform viewers of events that took place during the final months conflict. Although officially the bloodshed had ended in 2009, the repercussions of this conflict continue, leaving mental and physical burden for the Tamil people today. Many resources were used to create this series. The stories were collected through media, photographs, documentaries, news reports, as well as from relatives and friends. I don’t think there was a particular story that influenced my work but the effect and consequences of the war.

The creative process involved understanding countless stories from the past and present, one by one uncovering the horrors of the time, in order to share with others through art. Stories create an impact; visuals create a greater impact.

**original image is currently not available**