Why Not Walnut

Therese Hoang, Bash Hong, Dao-Li Leboeuf-Roy, Charles Gringas

First year, Design

Why Not Walnut

walnut wood


Why Not Walnut is a construction game that consists of building blocks and various characters, in the colours red, blue, green and its natural wood finish. Our team created the title, Why Not Walnut, after the material it is made of, which is walnut wood. This game is meant to be played either alone or with friends by stacking up the blocks and balancing the characters on the structure. As a balancing game, this may require some teamwork, which encourages harmonious emotions as each person works together. On the other hand, playing this alone can allow the player to unleash their creativity and use their imagination to build their own narrative. In terms of the colour palette chosen for this game design, most of the colours used are primaries, hence instilling a message of playfulness, and many other positive feelings. Altogether, we hope that Why Not Walnut can stimulate various types of emotions, including fun and nostalgia, and serve as a team-building game.