The InARTE Journal’s 11th issue was made possible thanks to the work of our Graphic Designer Jean-Philippe Poirier, our Social Media Coordinator and Meditation Instructor Aná Dafré, Assistant Editor Andrea Rosati, Editor Morgane Poezevara-Stevens, Managing Editor Tricia Enns and with the support of our Faculty Advisor, Kathleen Vaughan. With the unique abilities of each of our team members, the Journal was able to host a multitude of amazing online events that brought the Art Education and Fine Arts community together during the pandemic, when physical interaction wasn’t possible. By the power of online connection, the InARTE Journal was able to partake in a community check-in, a midterm survival stretch and meditation event, as well as a celebratory ‘5 à 7’ open studio prior to final critiques. This year’s accomplishments are truly all thanks to the hard work of our team members who brought life, joy and creativity into the production of our 11th issue! 

With COVID-19 necessitating transition into online learning and our finding new ways to adapt to our socially distanced environment, the theme ‘Interaction’ seemed fitting for this edition of the Journal. We complement the Journal’s on-going presentation of undergraduate work with Synergy, a month-long, multimedia virtual exhibition that investigates and explores the different ways in which we interact with our environment and community as artists and art educators, and that features works of seven Fine Arts students at Concordia. Synergy is the product of collaboration, combining each participant’s unique talents to work together towards a common goal. Showcasing lesson plans, paintings, drawings, music and sculpture, the exhibition — like this issue of the Journal itself — frames the theme of interaction through diverse perspectives. View the online exhibition here.


The 11th edition InARTE Journal Team