Jayden Couper

1st year, Studio Arts





‘Seventeen’ explores what it means to grow up and live in an ever-changing landscape. It dives into the abrupt personal discovery that life is going to be constantly filled with change, and adapting, and growing. Change has never come easy to me, and big transition periods can take even bigger tolls on me. With this short film I have finally allowed myself to understand that it is these changes that, although scary, are also beautiful and play a necessary role in forging forward on my own perfectly imperfect path. 

A red line runs through various clips and images forming a connecting pathway. The line twists and turns, never being still or stagnant, representing the difficult and necessary ever-changing pathways we all follow. Places, people, and things, these are the changing elements in our life that make us who we are. Where are we going? Who knows. All I know is we have to keep moving and changing to get there.