La Tour de Son Collective

La Tour de Son Collective

Katia Arcarese, 4th year Studio Arts
Tyseka Castor, Graduate of Drawing and Painting Major
Lauren Kleiderman, 4th year Art Education Specialization
Kevin Francois Andres Teixeira, 4th year Sculpture
Cassie Wight, 4th year Studio Arts.

La Tour de Son
8′ x 7’x 8′

Our artist collective – merging a variety of skills, insights and approaches – has created a collaborative kinetic sculpture that represents an exploration of sound, drawing, play, movement and the body in space. La tour de son is an innovative musical instrument inspired by the movement of a carousel in the playground. Using the MAX software to create a visual language, our group worked closely with a sensor to program different colours to trigger different variations of sounds. The sensor rotates in place at the center of a spinnable wheel consisting of two panels—a base panel in three colours and a top panel made of a collaborative drawing with cut-outs to reveal the colour below. Viewers may grab hold of rope handles to pivot the layers or place their hands under the moving sensor to shift the outcome; their movements trigger different colours, which in turn affect the sound emitted by the installation. Our collective artwork calls for an immediate return to play, inviting the audience to interact and engage with the structure, alone or with a partner. The idea is to encourage movement, dance, play and generate an expanded sensorial experience bringing together the divide between performer and spectator.

La tour de son will be a part of the final exhibition of the Art Matters Festival that will occur at Never Apart Gallery on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 from 7pm-11pm.

**Original image of work currently unavailable**