Lauren Kleiderman_Erased

Lauren Kleiderman

3rd Year, Art Education, Specialization

7” x 11”

The drawing series Erased, completed in 2012, explores the relationship between identity and identification. As an artist and educator, continually evolving through experiences and interactions with my surroundings, I pursue my interest in the exploration of narrative through image-making. The aim of the artwork is to challenge the way in which the viewer expects to perceive an image by masking the key elements that contribute to the building of a narrative. By excluding the details of each object, I remove the narrative quality of each. The object loses its original meaning but not its purpose. The role of the viewer then becomes to carefully observe and reshape the narrative through his or her own interpretations of my relationships towards these masked objects.  As the accessories depicted within the illustrations are reduced to blank silhouettes, a new meaning is created, allowing for a constantly re-invented narrative to accompany each drawing.  What is it, then, that I am trying to say without the visual information clearly illustrated?

**original image currently unavailable**