She is an ikon

Megan Kanerahtenha:wi Whyte

3rd Year, Art Education Specialization

Spirit dancers
acrylic on canvas
30” x 30”

Created for the Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow Wow in 2011, the concept for Spirit dancers was inspired by the visual, physical and spiritual languages of the Mohawk culture of Kahnawake. Dance is a major component of the Pow Wow ceremonies, which inspired the brushstrokes and composition in the artwork. Each canvas embodies the movement of energy and rhythm, while exploring color combinations and paint application. Language in this artwork is composed of intertwining voices, definitions, and ideas related to life and creation. The combination of dance, color and culture as a hybrid language, provides the opportunity for learners to explore their own languages in both a mixed media and mixed conceptual format.

**original image currently not available**