andrea chenier - revival - issue 13

Andrea Chenier

2nd year, Studio Arts and Art History


60 x 20 inches

oil on canvas



My painting Revival is about the hope that the changing of the seasons brings. I and many others struggle with winter and the seasonal depression it brings along. In this painting I explore the feeling of being saved when the snow begins to melt, and the trees start budding. The figure on the left of the painting represents myself or anyone else who struggles with winter like I do. Their clothing is wrinkled, and they appear tired, weighed down as they rest on the figure to the right, which represents the coming of spring. This figure appears happy and wears a pretty summer dress, painted in bright pinks, blues and yellows. The two figures clutch each other’s hands tightly. For the figure on the left, it is because they desperately need the smiling spring woman. The smiling woman clutches back, appearing happy to be a saviour for this person. Spring is my impetus for joy.