Andrea Rosati

Art Education, Studio Arts


14”x11” (4-6 pieces)

Collection of multimedia collages


Andrea Rosati (he, him) is a multidisciplinary artist and educator currently exploring themes of childhood, play, and abundance through a lens of gender expression within his practice. “As an ongoing investigation of play within the restraints of passing time, this body of work captures the feelings, emotions and essence of each month as they come. Dedicated to a lost childhood, the puzzle pieces of distorted images rebuild the vacant toy box that exists within my soul. The child that resides within me is unfamiliar with many of the characters and narratives displayed, but maybe with another sticker, she too will learn.” Freed from the burdening fear of permanence, an older, deeper and distant voice assures her to adhere to the shiny foiled sticker.

Similar to lessons and months, there will be many more to come.

collage where every man in a suit has a fish for a head including two in the bottom right who are gambling which is really funny actually
January calendar collage with a cat trying to catch a fish and a man piloting a toy vehicle that does not appear on the collage and two ladies in baseball apparel dance around a bonfire
February calendar collage with various queer kissing depictions and also a horse and a policeman