Nini-Learning to fly - issue 13


2nd year, Studio Arts

learning to fly

32″ x 40″ x 1.5″

fibers (wool roving-felting, wool yarn-crochet, poly-fill, and found objects)



There’s a recurring spirit of playfulness in my practice and often imagery that may be associated with a lighthearted childlikeness. With my hands and fibers, I build the key to the world I want to live in. Whenever someone puts on these wings, the entrance of a world abundant in care and kindness reveals itself. In this space, the one who believes in patiently waiting for the wind reaches higher heights than the one who can only flap their wings the fastest; the one who contributes what they can is fuller than the one who takes it all. I hope to create this place, learn in this place, and make this place my home.