scott cowan - infinite - issue 13

Scott Cowan

2nd year, Film Animation


33 inches x 25 inches (3200 x 2400 pixels)

digital collage



As an artist, my drive, or rather, my impetus to create is directly related to my mental health.  In many ways art is a form of relief from the stresses of our world, especially one still reeling from the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Infinite, as the piece is known, is a small part of a larger series I’ve been doing. The series focuses on surreal collages depicting vivid motions, with themes of euphoria, vulnerability, and passion. This piece depicts a statue of Galileo in the midst of a sea of surreal colors and images, depicting both our world and his own. With the line, “you are loved, you are infinite” I want to convey reassurance for when we feel unwanted or lonely in the midst of our own personal struggles to regain our energy, our drive, our impetus.