Thibault Zimmer_Cohesions

Thibault Zimmer

3rd Year, Art Education Major

oil paint on canvas
22” x 48”

Cohesions presents two contrasting characters: a rhinoceros and a bird. Within this composition, their depiction highlights the differences in their size and strength. However, the unexpected eye contact between the two creatures reveals their powerful bond. In this particular context, the relationship between the two animals reflects the profound connections that are formed between a teacher and a student.

This work examines the importance of dialogue within community contexts. Art is a powerful tool within these settings, and in many instances, acts as a language; redefining the boundaries of another. As an art educator, I highly value the power of communication and believe that we must engage our students through effective dialogue, whether it is visual or verbal. Through meaningful learning, we invite students to become active members of our community, using art as a vehicle for expression, creativity and personal growth.